Michigan used to have the strongest state support for public education in the nation.  Many years of Republican control of the Legislature and the Governor’s office has led to chronically underfunding our public school systems.  Now in the time of pandemic, even more resources are needed to keep our children and teachers safe when they return to in-person instruction.  Statewide school funding bills are decided in Lansing, and recent e-learning proposals would have put local school funding at risk.  I will put the funding and needs of local schools first. 

We have seen how important access to high-speed internet and computer/tablet technology is necessary for distance learning, and it should be available across the 110th District.  As someone who benefitted from a strong U.P. school district, as the wife of an Educator,  and as a parent of 3 children who attended K-12 in Houghton,  I know how important education is for our children and young people to realize the American Dream, and will fight to get every state and federal dollar I can for the local schools. 

The UP has great universities, community colleges and skills training centers which are essential for an educated, and skilled workforce.  State budgets for universities and colleges have been drastically cut over the past 20 years, and the difference is being made up by student tuition.  Graduates are being crippled by student loan debt and need relief.  I would promote budgets that have strong funding for institutes of higher education in the UP and work with State and Federal officials on solving the student debt crisis.