The Environment

I have spent over 30 years of my career working in both business and government to help the environment. Good environmental policies and a good economy are compatible. I started two environmental water quality businesses in Hancock that brought money and jobs to the U.P.  I worked on protecting our drinking water supplies from chemical toxins and heavy metals. We need to stop the sewage and chemicals that threaten our lakes and rivers and make polluters pay to clean up their messes - not our taxpayers. Grants & incentives to homeowners for new septic systems, township grants for improved stormwater & sewage lines, and cleaning up our mining past would protect our environment and produce new jobs. In Lansing I will promote environmental policies and incentives that make sense for the 110th District and protect our lakes and rivers.

While at EPA’s Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS) as an Environmental Engineer in Durham NC, I developed a deep understanding of air quality issues and regulations. Once settled in the Copper Country, I established a private consulting practice specializing in air and water environmental issues. My clients included the EPA, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ (AIChE), the American Chemical Council, private clients, and Argonne National Laboratories.  Much of the work focused on database and model development to be used in assessing environmental impacts. These efforts led to more accurate assessments of environmental hazards and provided the “not too little and not too much” amount of regulation on industry.

We have some unique environmental challenges in that the historic exploitation of our natural resources still has its impacts.  Mining operations left some areas vulnerable to flooding, toxic releases, and degradation of our lakes. Protecting our fisheries, forests, water, and air is not just the right thing to do, it is essential for the ecology and tourism we have here. For example, the erosion of stamp sands into Buffalo Reef in Big Traverse Bay is severely damaging one of the major whitefish spawning areas in Lake Superior, affecting both sportfishing and commercial fishing negatively. It could take $100 million to restore this important resource, and it is one of many. With the coming return of mining to the area, we want to avoid the mistakes of previous generations.

Janet is endorsed by the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and MI Democratic Party Environmental Caucus