I respect the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, and believe in their responsible use.  Hunting is an important value to the citizens of the 110th District, and I respect that right.  My husband is a gun owner and hunter, and my youngest son was a NRA certified instructor including a certificate in black powder rifles.  Hunting and fishing licenses and duck stamps help fund important wildlife and habitat conservation efforts and benefit all citizens. 

Firearms need to be handled and stored safely and responsibly.  We are always careful to store our hunting firearms unloaded and locked in a secure gun case.  Unsecured firearms are more likely to be stolen or found by children resulting in tragic accidents.  The presence of a firearms in the household increases the likelihood of death by 500% for a woman caught in a abusive relationship.  Other family members, friends, co-workers, innocent bystanders and police officers can also be killed or wounded by an abuser carrying a gun.  The rights of law-abiding firearm owners should be balanced with the rights of our fellow citizens to live long and productive lives.