Health Care

No one should put off a visit to the doctor or face financial ruin due to COVID or a medical crisis. I will fight for affordable, accessible healthcare for everyone and maintain protections for pre-existing conditions. The U.P. needs better access to mental health and addiction services which could help lower crime, but we have a chronic shortage of rural mental health and social workers. Mentally ill patients in crisis put a burden on our emergency room staff, emergency services and law enforcement that could be more humanely handled by mental health physicians and facilities located in the UP. I support preferential medical training admissions at State schools for those who would commit to working in the UP in those professional areas.

Universal Health Care ASAP

All Democrats, including myself, are in favor of universal healthcare, and the only question is how we provide it as soon as possible. Accepting the Medicaid expansion (Healthy Michigan Plan) and strengthening the Affordable Care Act are steps in the right direction, but we need to ensure all citizens are adequately covered. We should not be leaving people uninsured because they lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Although not required, as a small business owner I paid my employees extra to cover their health insurance. It’s that important to me. We’ve seen employer insurance leave us vulnerable, and no one should fall between the cracks in the system. As your representative I’ll work hard to get you the health insurance you deserve.

Janet is endorsed by the Michigan Nurses Association.