A voice for the Western Upper Peninsula 

We all care about similar issues - education, healthcare, the economy. We need a fighter who will make sure Lansing understands and includes your input in their decision making.


Economic recovery from the COVID19 pandemic is going to define the next two years in the state legislature. Funds will have to be made available to recuperate lost assets. It will by no means be easy. Difficult decisions will have to be made, and recipients will have to meet conditions to qualify for limited state resources. For instance, community colleges will have to commit to reigning in administrative costs and prioritizing teachers and learning resources, while businesses will have to prove their viability prior to the pandemic. 


I know that my opportunities stem from the opportunities I had to receive an excellent education. Growing up on a dairy farm with no bath facilities but a sauna, Chassell High School provided me with the education I needed to go to MIT. As your rep I would fight to keep elementary, high school, and higher level education a priority in the western U.P. 

Sound Environmental Policy

As your rep I will always advocate for sound, evidence-based policy. My experience with my water quality business and the EPA make me an excellent candidate to improve environmental protection bills that regularly come before the house. Our environment is an asset that makes the Western U.P. a wonderful place. We can neither afford to be complacent nor stifling to business interests.


It is critical to provide jobs especially for young people. Doing so would incentivize young people to stay in the western U.P. rather than leaving to seek opportunities in cities. I would mobilize my long-standing close relationships in the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance to help U.P. entrepreneurs start businesses locally.


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